Sunday, 1 August 2010

[兒童不宜] 讀聖經, 學希伯來文粗口


卓韻芝 Cheuk Wan Chi said...

i lovelovelove your show!

g said...

hey a question regarding the term 'non-denomination'. indeed i am preparing an article which touches on a non-denomination chapel in stoke newington.
just out of curiosity: in the context of 'non-denomination chapel' does it purely mean 'non-denomination christianity', instead of literally 'non-denomination'? since non-denomination literally means 非教派 (at least thats what the dictionaries i come across state so). or maybe i got it wrong.

moreover, whats the appropriate chinese translation of 'non-denomination' and 'non-denomination christianity' accordingly?
should it be 非教派, 无宗派 or 跨宗派? google it a bit just now. couldnt find any exact answer. or maybe there is no 'exact' translation?

thanks in advance.

Howtindog said...

卓韻芝: i lovelovelove your comment!

g: I'd go with 無宗派. a "non-denomination chapel" would be a Christian chapel that is not associated with any denomination, such as Lutheran, Baptist, or Mennonites.

g said...


just be more specific: but the term 'non-denomination 無宗派' cannot apply to buddhism or hindu, since it implies 'non-denominational christianity', isnt it? am just thinking the chinese translation 無宗派 is a bit confusing...

your show is golden.

Howtindog said...


i'm not familiar with other religions, so i don't know if they can talk about a non-denomination temple or mosque. but in the context of christianity, what i told you is what it means. i recently saw the term 超宗派, i suppose that works too. it just means that it's not affiliated with any particular denomination.