Thursday, 2 April 2009

賤買 4 本貴書

上個星期喺網上見到幾本原本勁貴o既書賣得好平, 本本都原價過百蚊, 而定賣十蚊以下, 俾埋 shipping 都仲係平到爆, 抵買到極. 讀開 Biblical Studies o既人, 一睇個封面就知有個價錢有幾震撼. 今日終於寄到, 真係高興. 呢幾日唔再見到有咁抵買o既書, 希望遲下再見到有新嘢.

On the Way to the Postmodern, Vol. 2
by David Clines, $6.99, 原價 $168

An Elementary Grammar of Biblical Hebrew
by Edwin Hostetter, $4.99, 原價 $168

Biblical Hebrew: Studies in Chronology and Typology
by Ian Young, $9.99, 原價 $240

Goulder and the Gospels: An Examination of a New Paradigm
by Mark Goodacre, $9.99, 原價 $192


Walton said...

Hello Sir ..

Where did you get those books?
Any tips as to where to look for good value books?

Thanks !!

Howtindog said...

I bought them from They have these cheap things from time to time. Such deals appear less frequently nowadays, but you can still keep an eye out.