Wednesday, 9 September 2009


大力推薦呢個網, 佢有大量聖經研究o既電子書下載, 其中不少係 Brill 嗰 d 超級貴書. 互聯網真偉大. 過多十年八年, 第日 d 學生做 research 可能完全唔使去圖書館, 喺網上搵到晒. 而家有 ATLAS 之類o既 database, 只係實現咗一半, 因為冇書, 只有 journal articles.


Walton said...

You are great to provide so much valuable information.

Thanks a lot.

I found that the Avaxhome site has changed a bit and now it only has the "Religion related" category rather than "Theology".
Also, do I need to register or create an account before I can download the books? Is it safe from virus and other threats?

Could you please also advise any good sites for theology related information?

I find your comments on the traditional evangelical christian views and some church positions are very insightful. It will be great to provide more background information so that the audiences can make their own informed decisions.

Keep up the good work !

Thanks !

Howtindog said...

Hi Walton,

No you don't need to register to download the books. They books are just pdf files, they don't contain virus. But don't click on the book covers, sometimes they can lead you to bogus sites.

As for good sites for news, keep an eye on this blog:

Or just search on google news.