Friday, 26 June 2009


Southern Baptists eject Fort Worth church over gay issues

The Southern Baptist Convention has broken its 127-year-old ties with a Fort Worth Baptist church because the SBC views its stand on homosexuality as too lenient, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Baptist Press report.

The action against the 2,000-member Broadway Baptist Church came with no discussion at the annual SBC meeting in Louisville.

Stephen Wilson, a member of the executive committee, told The Baptist Press that although Broadway Baptist does not officially endorse homosexuality "they were allowing members and also people in leadership that were homosexual."

"The church was in effect saying that it was OK to have members who are open homosexuals," Wilson said.


This is utterly ridiculous. Why don't they sever ties with all churches while they're at it? Because I'm pretty sure they all "were allowing members and also people in leadership that were" sinners. By their logic, all churches were "in effect saying that it was OK to have members who are open" sinners.

But of course they won't do that. They'll single out homosexuals as an outstanding issue. I take this as a sign of discrimination, not treating all sins (in the bible) equally.


Bruce said...

Please forgive me if I had mistaken your meaning in your blog. However, I do agree that it is correct to openly disconnect with churches that explicitly "permit" homosexuality. Certainly church is the congregation of "sinners" in a board sense. Or most of them are repentent sinners. They had regreted what they have done in the past. Moreove, they would try all their best not to repeat such wrong doings. Homsexuality is absolutely a sin in the Bible, like adultery. You should be very familiar to the qualifications expressed by Paul for the church leaders. Thus, there is no way to allow a leader to remain in his/her office who is "continuously" committing a sin. This is not a discrimination. Church should condemn homosexuality instead of giving opportunities to devil.

jacob said...
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Howtindog said...

But the truth is, all churches permit leaders to sin continuously, if not homosexuality or adultery, then some other sins. I can believe in trinity, I can believe in God's creation of the world in 7 days, but I cannot believe that there are church leaders who don't sin throughout their lives.

In the bible, homosexuality and adultery are considered sins, but so are deceit, greed, lust, sexual fantasies. I incline to think that all church leaders have continuous problems with one of these sins, unless they're totally too old to even sin. Back to my point: why are the homosexuals singled out and picked on?

Bruce said...

I totally agree with you that deceit, greed, lust and sexual fantasies are the same as that of homosexuality and adultery. Church leaders are just homo sapien like us who are not immune from sinning. Sometimes we would sin without awareness. Then, let's ask God to brighten our heart so that we can repent. However, anyone who clearly know that he sins, but refuse to repent. Then the problem comes. Church should exercise discipline if the leaders clearly sin. (The degree of discipline is another issue.) There is no big or small sins. Deceit, greed, lust, sexual fantasies, homosexuality or adultery are sins. Homosexuality should not singled out and picked on. God is holy and anyone serves him should be holy as well. Back to the point : Homosexuality is clearly a sin. That church has not done anything wrong on this case. You may ask why the other churches would not disconnect with other ones whose leaders explicily sin. And that is the actual problem that we are facing. This the dark side of men I know : face saving! Let's pray so that God will reveal these sins to the leaders and have their repentance.

May God Bless You for your sharp eyes and have HIS love overflows you.

uDave said...

Joining this conversation late. You are absolutely right that we are all sinners no matter we admit it or not. However, I reckon that there is difference between repentance and deliberately sinning with enjoyment. They sure should be accepted by church organizations, but for setting an example as an infuluencial leader, I also have much reservation.