Monday, 19 January 2009

Agatha Christie: The Mysterious Affair at Styles

今日剛剛睇完 Agatha Christie 寫o既第一本偵探小說, 亦係名揁探 Hercule Poirot 第一次出場o既舞台. 雖然係 1920 咁舊o既小說, 但係都好容易睇, d 英文唔深, 好易明. 故事講有個有錢婆被毒死, 但係現場係密室, 毒藥係一食就會好快發作o既毒, 有張燒剩o既遺囑. 講 Poirot 如何捉個兇手出嚟, 好好睇, 一路俾個作者帶住估兇手, 以我自己嚟講, 到尾我差唔多所有角色都懷疑過晒, 就係冇諗過係真正兇手嗰個, 但係又言之成理.

書中有幾句 Poirot 講o既金句, 放喺聖經研究, 或任何認真o既探索中都好有道理:

"You gave too much rein to your imagination. Imagination is a good servant, and a bad master. The simplest explanation is always the most likely."

~ Poirot

"It is certainly curious," I agreed. "Still, it is unimportant, and need not be taken into account."

A groan burst from Poirot.

"What have I always told you? Everything must be taken into account. If the fact will not fit the theory, let the theory go."

~ Poirot

我覺得好好睇, 會繼續追佢其他小說.