Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Mission Accomplished

Woohoo, believe it or not, I survived my presentation! It actually went much better than I had expected. I consider myself a pretty good presenter, so I never worried about my presentation. What I get nervous about is the Q&A session that follows. My presentation was on the connection between the Aqedah and New Testament Christology. I feel quite confident to handle questions regarding Jewish texts, but NT questions are a big "no no" to me. On top of that, my current advisors Eileen Schuller and Annette Reed, as well as my former teachers Martin Abegg and Dirk Buchner were there to see me present, which of course made me extra nervous.

Fortunately, it turned to be a rather unpopulated session, about 15 people, and questions from the audience happened to be those that I can handle pretty well, and that made me look smarter than I really am. I wish this is the official end to my streak of bad luck. Anyway, I'll give a fuller report on my trip when I get home tomorrow.


vit said...

And may I wish you all the best.
Can't help myself not to tell
how much I enjoy reading this BLOG.