Wednesday, 12 December 2007

再見吧, 德文!

頭先返學校, 又再收到一封信, 同上次一樣, 又係好消息, 係話比我知早幾個月做o個個德文考試過o左關, 所以我o吾使再讀德文 course, 而我基本上己經做晒所有論文以外o既o野, 所以下年一月開始, 我己經算係博士候選人, 嘩, o吾覺o吾覺, 原來己經去到咁近, 只差最後亦係最難一步.

The results of the French and German translations have now been returned to the office. This is to inform you that you have successfully completed the language requirement in German. The graded examination will be retained in the department.

Congratulations and best wishes for continued success in your programme.