Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Schweitzer quote

頭先睇書, 見到 Schweitzer o係佢o個本 The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle 有句說話好型, 直頭係寫到好有詩意, 講了解保羅背景o既大方向:
Since all [Paul's] concepts and thoughts are rooted in eschatology, those who labour to explain him on the basis of Hellenism are like a man who should bring water from a long distance in leaky watering-cans in order to water a garden lying beside a stream.
我都相當同意佢o既講法, 因為o係加拉太書 1 同埋腓立比書 3 度, 保羅都強調自己o既猶太教背景, 佢比同年紀o既人都更長進, 係正宗希伯來人, 法利賽人, o係律法上無可指責. 不過佢又唔o岩得晒, 因為 Martin Hengel 指出第一世紀o既猶太教受好多 Hellenism 影響, 保羅肯定亦唔例外. 好似林後o個句"上帝帥領我地誇勝," 就係好 Greek o既 expression.